Vygotsky and paigets perspective of learning

There are many factors that contribute to cognitive development and many theories as to how these factors impact on a learned understanding of the world. In the nineteenth century, child development attracted both philosophers and psychologists and, this can be attributed to the intrinsic nature of the topic because; it encompassed numerous mysteries and controversy.

Diaz, R. Vygotsky also emphasized the importance of cultural tools in cognition. Like Piaget, Vygotsky believed that there were some problems out of a child's range of understanding.

This work came into western thought after its original publication in Self-regulatory functions of children's private speech: A critical analysis of recent challenges to Vygotsky's theory. Piaget's final stage of cognitive development is formal operations, occurring from age eleven years to adulthood.

Obviously a child does not begin life with a lot of initial language skill, but this fact is why interactions need to be scaffolded with more experienced experts— people capable of creating a zone of proximal development in their conversations and other interactions. Hands-on activities also aid with learning future complex skills, as the text mentions, reading comprehension Woolfolk, A.

That is, the transmission of knowledge of culture is carried out through language, which is the main vehicle of the development process and is what decisively influences cognitive development.

discuss 1 similarity and 1 difference between piaget and vygotsky.

Background of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky It seems quite interesting to learn that these two renowned theorists were born at the same time, although their lifespan was different and, their socio-cultural background and source of motivation were quite different; hence their diverse perception on child development.

Berk also discovered than child engaged in private speech more often when working alone on challenging tasks and also when their teacher was not immediately available to help them.

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Piaget vs Vygotsky