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If you attended this event please email kellybrabant usf. More information on the days and time of class meeting will be available soon. You earn 3 graduate-level credits for each semester. Each floor also has an activity lounge and study lounge. Research professors have little interest in entrusting you with a project if its sole purpose is to fulfill the Thesis requirement and thus is, from the outset, limited to two semesters. The E-Portfolio is required of students who apply for various Honors scholarships and for the Undergraduate Scholar Award. We stand ready to help. The conference will be held on the campus of Florida International University. Each year the money that is raised by USF is given back to USF in the form of grants for cardiovascular research and education. When you check-in at the commencement ceremony, we will provide the items and regalia necessary to identify you as a Judy Genshaft Honors College graduate, free of charge. Skinner If you are interested in medicine, public health, public policy, political science or the debate on health care, you need to meet Dr.

Honors College students will vote to choose the finalists, and a panel of professional photographers will decide the winners. His research interests are the determinants of health care spending and outcomes among different income groups in the Medicare population.

More specific information may be found on the Honors calendar. Refreshments will be served.

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And our interdisciplinary curriculum spans the natural sciences, the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts. Florida students with a 4. What does thesis involve? Winning photographs will be displayed in a public exhibition.

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