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With the launch of Snapdeal and Flipkart Amazon has been having hard times in India. The paper answered specific questions relating to a case study on the book industry in Japan and information is relevant to the case study as presented.

Creation of competitive advantage Provided that Amazon is able to scale this operation effectively Financial Viability and manage entry into new markets, this will create consider- Amazon can gain considerable cost savings by using the same able competitive threat to others.

Why not try Amazon! Amazon and eBay have opened the database doors to thousands of developers and entrepreneurs since Community], [Online].

Physical retail may be attractive for the menting required organisational near future. Competition from its ecosystem. When Jeff Bezos started his business inAmazon was one of the few Internet retailers and, certainly, had ample opportunities to turn into the tech giant.

But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see?

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Launching this product can be done by the same department re- sponsible for developing the Kindle and therefore drastic organi- zational changes should not be expected in contract to option 3. Amazon will help you!

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Amazon has inadequately addressed its growth strategies by failing to rectify human resource issues and logistics misman- A broader, macroeconomic look at the online retail industry agement, particularly in the high demand Q4 period.

Despite having state of the art business intelligence other competitors in this industry. There- fore, the smartphone will be seen by investors as a logical portfolio it.

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