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Consequently, a need developed for metric thread information and domestic standardization. The most helpful, and preferred by manufacturers, is to intentionally destroy an assembly in a controlled environment to determine the performance capability of one or more of its components. Figure 7: Inch Thread Specification For threaded holes that go all of the way through the part, as in Figure 8, the term "thru" is sometimes added to the note. Doing so destroys the threads, which brings us to tension versus torque. Therefore they do not need to be threaded as deep. Another way that manufacturers can prevent fastener failure is to only purchase fasteners that fully conform to all design specifications. For example, Harley-Davidson uses both chrome-plated and stainless steel nuts and bolts to assemble motorcycle sprockets, consoles and air cleaners. These combinations are in basic agreement with ISO standards. Many fasteners today are mechanically sorted with camera or vision systems, and this process can result in a deterioration of the protective coating. Remember, when it comes to fasteners, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. A second major difference is that the Unified standard designates the thread pitch in terms of the number of threads in one inch of thread length. Cross-threading can sometimes be remedied by re-engaging the parts at a different angle. In the ANSI standard, to prevent misunderstanding, it is mandatory to use the value for pitch in all designations. The amount of tension applied is very important. Consider, for example, the person who spends more time plopping his heavy briefcase on a low-cost, particle-board desk than sitting at it doing work.

These combinations, in some instances more than one pitch for a nominal diameter. Medcalf says that undertightened fasteners undergo more external loading than expected.

This gives chip space and allows free turning of the tap, reducing the tendency for the threads to tear.

How do threaded fasteners like nuts and bolts work to join materials?

Most fine pitch threads obtain most of their strength by one diameter of engagement. As with the coarse pitch series, they are in basic agreement with ISO screw standards. When threading into thin material, use fine pitch threads when two diameters are not possible. In the area of mechanical fasteners using screw threads, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of metric system threads. The bolts that secured the air bags were improperly manufactured and likely to quickly break due to internal hydrogen embrittlement. Therefore, coarse pitch threads have stronger threads and weaker bodies. Before too long, the fasteners that hold up the desk will loosen or crack and fail. However, if thread geometry is inaccurate, the parts may need to be repaired or replaced.

At that time, Boeing was experiencing an unexpected shortage of nuts and bolts, but wanted to maintain its production schedule. If no depth is given, the hole is assumed to go all the way through the part.

However, if an individual has no knowledge of fasteners or fastener related terminology and struggles understanding basic mechanical concepts, there may be sections of this course that they find difficult to follow or understand. This can cause sudden catastrophic failure under load, according to Kevin Menke, director of engineering at Fastenal Co.

Another way, done unintentionally and all too often by consumers, is to simply misuse a product. When nuts are driven down too fast, there is a rebound effect and the joint relaxes somewhat.

After the failure, the landing wheel bent and the plane flipped over and skidded across a large section of turf. Most standard fasteners have a common coarse and fine pitch thread size.

General Motors engineers discovered loose fasteners in on several models, resulting in the company recalling more thanvehicles that year.

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This course will include a segment on joining technologies that enable automotive designers and manufacturers to succeed in their light weighting activities. When the threads are on the outside of a cylindrical shaft it is referred to as an external or male thread while a cylindrical hole with a thread is called an internal or female thread.

How are Fasteners Meant to be Used?

Threaded fasteners
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Reliability’s Sexy Side: Threaded Fasteners