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Psychological tests for industrial setting

Graphologists use methods developed from Jungian psychology and a sprinkle of Freud! It is a costly, inefficient and usually invalid procedure. The main goal of aptitude tests is understanding the cognitive abilities of the assessee. The results generated by this personality test help to better understand the temperament and interpersonal relations of the candidates. The major challenge facing most organizations in using psychometric tests for recruitment is selecting a valid instrument from the various tests and questionnaires available in the market. The soundness of such subjective judgment depends on the presence or absence of distorters such as prejudices and bias of the interviewer, the extent to which the candidate puts up a true face, the range of situations or emotions covered in the interview, the general mood or environment of both the candidate and the interviewer, the competence of the interviewer and the like. Results will never reveal the full picture and can be affected by other factors. Mental ability, like personality, has undergone much scrutiny over the years. Some mental ability tests provide better predictions for certain occupations more so than others. Moreover, psychological testing can predict which applicants will perform the best in a particular role and can also identify job-related skills and attitudes often harder to identify in an interview setting. It is used to measure the abilities, aptitudes, interest, intelligence and personality of an individual in quantitative terms. Created nearly half-century ago, the caliper profile analyzes more than 25 personality traits relating to job performance thereby providing conclusive results that examine both the positives and the negatives of the candidate objectively. Tests that are used for selection are of various kinds. But fitting in with the company culture can be just as crucial to their success, especially within a smaller organization. For businesses that believe that their people are their most important asset, psychological testing to help hire the best team members can be a very worthwhile part of the process.

Performance tests imply doing something with materials and instruments while paper and pencil tests involve checking answers to written questions. As such, awareness of the traits emphasised when assessing test results is important.

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With this in mind, the validity of tests administered in one sitting are suspect. It does not indicate that the person actually possesses a high level of leadership skill. In this article, we will try and give insights into the various types of psychometric tests available to help you ease your recruitment process.

How is space used on the page? Some of the questions graphologists may pose include: Are letters spaced out or close together?

psychological testing for employment purposes

It will also allow for ideal comparison points when assessing candidates. Psychoanalytical ideas can still be found in employment tests across the world, as recruiters try to draw the most accurate profile of candidates.

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