The importance of a good plot in a novel

If he can recoup the freshness and sense of adventure that set alight his debut, the series could yet regain ground. The question started to be asked: did Black have enough fuel in the tank for a series writer?

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Plot is the series of events that connect the beginning to the ending. Plausibility Aristotle advised that the story should convince. Is the plot original?

The importance of a good plot in a novel

The exposition introduces the main characters — who they are and what they want. Then, if you are at all like me, when you get to the end and all has finally become clear, you can say to yourself: "Of course!

Stephen King, in On Writing, calls it "the good writer's last resort and the dullard's first choice". The haloed style is also off-form.

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So far, so good. Despite the scene change, it was still crippled by the same faults: a sloppy laying of clues plus a negligent attitude to building suspense.

John Banville — the most austerely mannered stylist in the language, the archbishop of literary fiction — hands his publisher the typescript of his latest. Not just in the exciting beginning and satisfying end.

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11 Functions of Plot