Sustainable design master thesis in finance

The Master-Thesis student is expected to submit a complete Thesis-Project that instigates the work of the students in the lower semesters and represents the architectural and intellectual culture of the concentration Design UrbanScape.

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One or several excursions are complementary to the project studio work. While enrolled in a sustainability program, you will likely take a range of core and elective courses that hone your leadership, management, communication, and collaboration skills.

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The ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts comprehensibly in visual, oral and written forms. Job prospects The MSc programme in Sustainable Architecture lies at the forefront of research, innovation and implementation related to reducing GHG emissions in architecture.

Present and evaluate arguments, information and ideas concerning the various fields discussed in this module, and the ability to integrate these aspects in their individual design thinking and work.

Because this industry is so new, there is little information available on starting salaries. Debate on current topics from practice, theory and research within the lecture series. If you are already working and are interested in a program with added flexibility, consider an online programs.

Execute complex defined and self-defined projects of research, development or investigation and identify and implement relevant outcomes.

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Master of Science (MSc) in Sustainable Architecture