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Such schemes may be open-ended or close-ended scheme as described earlier. Started inNJ Wealth seeks to reach out to the common man and extend the opportunity to create wealth through an empowered network of financial products distributors — the NJ Wealth Partners.

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The objective is to capitalize on the story in the sectors, and offer investors a window to profit from such opportunities. Costs Control Not in the Hands of an Investor Investor has to pay investment management fees and fund distribution costs as a percentage of the value of his investments as long as he holds the unitsirrespective of the performance of the fund.

Index Fund: An index fund is a diversified equity fund; with a difference- a fund manager has absolutely no say in stock selection. Outlook for specific markets. There is no product which can be marketed to the entire population and if one tries to market it to the entire population then it is a waste of the resources.

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Invest a major portion into various debt instruments such as bonds, corporate debentures and Government securities. The fund is open for subscription only during a specified period at the time of launch of the scheme.

Investors have the option of investing in a scheme having a correlation between its investment objectives and their own financial goals.

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Equity part provide growth and the debt part provides stability in returns. When a new scheme is launched the different agents are invited to attend seminars where the details about the product are presented.

They take out advertisements in various media like newspapers, television internet etc.

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