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Preston, Oliver. After being pressured by his mother Nabou, Mawdo follows tradition of polygamy and marries a young girl also named Nabou, who is his first cousin.

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Review of So Long a Letter. Young Nabou went to live with her aunt, who raised her to be docile and obedient, financed her education as a midwife, then offered her to Mawdo, now middle-aged, as a prospective bride. Abdou Daba's husband. She later leaves Senegal with her four sons and moves to the United States to start over. During the s schools were expanded and refurbished, enrollment increased, a scholarship program for advanced study abroad was introduced, and an institution of higher learning—later called the University of Dakar—was founded. Arame, Yacine, and Dieynaba: Known as "the trio. Ramatoulaye decided to stay legally married, though Modou never set foot in their house again. She cannot understand what led him to lose interest in her. She is brought up under very traditional Muslim customs and becomes a midwife. I could not delude myself: youth was deserting my body.

Three years later, when Modou Fall took a second wife, he abandoned Ramatoulaye and her twelve children. It is an anguished plea from one conservative woman, to her li "Ebb and tide of feeling: heat and dazzlement, the wood fires, the sharp green mango, bitten into in turns, a delicacy in our greedy mouths.

She often tells Ramatoulaye's future and gives her advice, representing old Senegalese tradition.

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Ramatoulaye was then house-bound for the rest of her mourning period. Resuming her education, Aissatou eventually obtained her current appointment as an interpreter to the Senegalese Embassy in the United States , where she enjoyed professional success. In the s, the decade in which the novel closes, more than 80 percent of the Senegalese population was Muslim, while 6 percent was Christian and the remainder worshipped deities indigenous to their particular region Nelson, p. In the years following World War II Senegal undertook a new educational agenda: the population as a whole was to receive the basic education necessary to citizens of a Westernized society, while its more gifted students were to be prepared to assume leadership responsibilities in their own communities. After Aunty Nabou claimed she would die of shame if her son refused, Mawdo consented to the marriage. We remained young and efficient, for we were the messengers of a new design. She catches three of her daughters smoking. She succeeds in making a new life for herself. After independence in Senegal passed a new marriage law allowing a couple to choose between monogamy or polygamy with up to four wives in a prenuptial contract. The two were greatly in love. They are disappointed to find that Ramatoulaye does not get mad at the cyclist, but at the boys because they were careless to play in the streets.

September 2, Ramatoulaye physically distances herself from Modou who dies four years after this second marriage. In the novel, Ramatoulaye, Aissatou, and their contemporaries reap the immediate benefits of these changes.

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Aunty Nabou proceeded to raise and preen young Nabou. Angered by his denunciation of local religious beliefs, the people of Mecca rose up against Muhammad, who fled with his followers to Medina in The basic tenets of the Islamic faith, however, remain the same.

Two months later Senegal seceded from the Mali Federation and became recognized as a separate country on August 25, Changes in the status of women proceeded rapidly in urban areas, like Dakar, where women entered the work force in both skilled and unskilled positions.

So long a letter

Ramatoulaye turns down two other marriage proposals, including that of Daouda Dieng.

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