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The story of this movie takes place in the United States Cincinnati, Ohio in Rainforests provide the people of the world with many necessities, some of which would no longer be available if rainforests did not exist. The documentary is called Blues Like Showers of Rain. He communicates and learns with a mental picture of the world rather than through verbal communication.

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Charles is getting ready to lose his business when he gets a call that his father Sanford Babbitt has passed away. Walking in acid rain, or even swimming in an acid lake, is no more dangerous than walking or swimming in clean water Jerry Molen The administrator who is responsible for taking care of Raymond at the Ohio home where he lives.

Such as: the importance of family, the importance of religion and spiritualism, woman as center of home and family, respect--protection of woman's virtue; ideal of women as pure, power of the woman--the mother, being a man-man as protector o Charlie gets out of the car also and starts to raise his voice loudly with Raymond showing his frustrated emotion with voice volume trying to get him back in the car so he can get to L.

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