Quran inclusivist approach

Let the curse of God then be on the disbelievers. According to traditional Christian teaching, there is no way to salvation aside from the redemption offered by Christ, and even the great prophets, peace be with them, must wait in limbo until the resurrection, after which Christ must come to release them!

Those who rejected it were declared, after an adequate time of effective preaching had passed, Kafir, which means a person who denies the truth from God despite knowing it to be from Him. The reconciliation should show how, despite differences in categories and a concept, some common information is conveyed in the apparently conflicting reports.

At present, however, there is but one divinely ordained religion, Muhammadan Islam, which requires belief in tawhid, prophecy nabbuwahand the Resurrection ma'adand according to Shi'i theology, imamah, and divine justice, as well.

That would require not only intelligent preaching on their part but, even more importantly, a behaviour of respect for the fellow human beings, irrespective of their faith.

God Has Many Names. The remedy to this error proposed by Hick has been recognized by many to amount to a dismantling of Christian theology.

importance of religious diversity
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Religious Diversity, Theories of