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Physiology Laboratory Manual. This culminated to reduced arterial pressure.

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These observations were seen in the test subjects as a red skin color and wet appearance. The heart rate should increase during exercise because the muscles will require greater supplies of oxygenated blood to fuel respiration, so cardiac output must be increased, which is dependent on heart rate and stroke volume.

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Due to the vasodilation of capillaries near the skins surface, the temperature will fall to a to just above Nonetheless, oxygen consumption should increase because as the bodys metabolic needs increase, the reserve supply of oxygen will be consumed in fueling respiration to provide ATP for the muscles.

The hemoglobin saturation will be high due to the lack of carbon dioxide in the blood.

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Marieb, e. However, this data was rather weak because there were unexpected fluctuations in the data and some data collection points were missing data. Despite the fluctuations in the measurements, it is clear there was a net positive increasing trend.

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