Ocean floor project

Completion Press brown play dough onto the bottom front of the diorama to represent the continental shelf. Students should recreate ocean landforms and add in appropriate sea creatures to a box diorama. These periods are an analog for future climate change scenarios and can show us how oceanic ecosystems responded to previous episodes of warming.

ocean floor science project

Hang them from the top interior of the diorama with string so that it looks like they're swimming in the ocean. Place the box on one of its long sides so that you can easily look into the box as a diorama.

ocean floor diorama ideas

After it dries, paint sea creatures such as fish and sharks on the blue interior so that it looks like they're swimming in the ocean. Add more play dough sloping downwards for the continental slope, which begins at feet. Use colored play dough to build these landforms.

salt dough model ocean floor

The funding primarily will support the training of early career researchers and the technology needed to access the ocean floor, such as their drilling platform MeBounderwater vehicles, and deep sampling instruments.

Typically no more than 33 feet deep, it's shallow in comparison to the deep ocean, which is thousands of feet deep.

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Ocean Floor Project