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For each scheme in IMC. Kolios, A. However, if it decreases they will also see their future potential clients decrease. Cuba also lacks in provide concrete regulatory framework for conducting stable and balanced method of business. Stewart Some of the Micro-organism in the environment include; bacteria, viruses and fungi to mention but a few.

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So the brand name is highly competitive for other companies of same industry. This kind of policy lets the organization the freedom to proceed with their business policies and benefit the customers through free trade. GAP and Uniqlo Figure 4. Nowadays, business sectors no longer busied themselves to produce bonds of profits and income but deeply involved in social programs to promote social awareness and equality. It is seen that these factors have various kinds of impact on the business of IKEA. These factors include rate of inflation, exchange rates, GDP and other aspects of economy. Technological factors Technology changes create impact over the performance of the organisation as the change in the technology affects the effectiveness of the organisation and the performance of the employees. They also aim at provide value for money products to the customers so that they can create loyal customers for the brand. Hence, these successes brought significant changes on Primark's retail business. Also, the external environment of the company has been discussed which shows that how business deals with different factors which affect its operations and are not even in the control of the business. The government also concentrates on giving broader prospect on employment of the people as through monetary policy there will be limited supply of money, which would make properties more expensive.

Environmental responsibility fulfilment: Now a day environment is an essential factor for any business. Hardly De-icing of the roads is, beyond a doubt, very essential, The strategy depends on focusing on the general consumer and avoid the marginal consumers, as they return would not compensate the additional costs.

IKEA is using its strengths in facing the threats of the company and uses opportunities so that the weaknesses can be eliminated. Introduction 1 2. On the other hand, Primark's weaknesses can be found in its way of managing people.

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Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, noise pollution are some types of pollution.

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