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Alternative McCafe outlets should cater to the specific needs of the above segments. A lot of them want to work in McDonalds industry. McCafe specialty coffees would ideally be introduced by current McDonalds franchisees interested in a way to diversify their product line and increase sales. The train passengers have to get their orders fast. There are more than 15, students only in UNIL, which is one of the largest public universities in Switzerland. McCaf attracts them because it is a part of McDonalds industry the products are almost the same all over the world. McCafe counters could be added to existing McDonalds stores in as little as 4 days — the equipment took up minimal counter space and renovations would hardly disrupt their current operations. McDonalds will turn a profit by banking on its history of success — the speed of its products, and its convenience, at a good price. The slogan for the future improvement may be McCaf de la 13 gare: private area with finest products for the lowest prices. In comparison, it takes much less time to get a coffee in McCaf than in Starbucks in Lausanne. The company has a very strong marketing. It would attract other groups of costumers, such as business people, who want to stay for the business lunch and wealthy students Starbucks costumers. This is significantly higher than the overall restaurant industry growth number of 5. Weaknesses: 1 McCaf has a very strong competitor in Lausanne the worlds most famous coffee chain Starbucks.

The main focus is on the two most popular and largest McCaf segments: students and train passengers. McCaf attracts them because of its location, quick service, Internet access and fine products. McCafe outlets should provide wi-fi technology to attract coffee drinking executives to stay connected and web links can be provided to customize customer orders.

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Pricing would be set similar to or less than their competitors ie. Many people, who have to change trains and wait for several minutes, pass by McCaf to have a coffee with a sandwich. Tourism is the main factor in the Swiss economy.

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These problems can be solved as described in SWOT opportunities section of the market plan points 1,3,4,5. They know what they pay for, before ordering.

Mccafe analysis

In addition, there are a lot of international students from UNIL Universit de Lausanne in the city, who are ready to work at the lowest salaries. Due to their age and status, most of them can be considered as the lower-middle class. They have different religions, different backgrounds and come from different families. There is also an increase in the awareness about the impact of the waste disposed by the quick service industry on the environment. The company should keep pace with the technological changes in the environment. This will attract more students, since it emphasizes the advantage McCaf has on the similar Starbucks, which products cost more. Low prices attract many of them. For example the good advertisement campaign may be led with the slogans Finest products for the lowest prices, Pay less for better products. McCafe offers a full selection of specialty coffee and tea conveniently, quickly and very cost effectively and has been very well received in Burlington. They know what they pay for, before ordering. The morning experience requires a convenient, dependable coffee source, the afternoon experience requires an atmosphere of relaxation and the night experience is to finish evening meals. They usually spend time in McCaf instead of much more expensive Starbucks. Normally they are Swiss, but can also work here with the special permit.
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