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They can use it as a spread on bread.

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As its company objective to provide the best quality product therefore we have to keep in view that quality will be the best as customers are more conscious about food products quality. The details are given below. Today in competing market many companies offers different dairy products like cream, in order to satisfying consumers wants and needs for different flavors in cream which can be directly consume or use in make shakes, smoothies, desserts etc.

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Target more of the consumers. Others 4. Involve as many possible ways of delivery food such as pick up, take out, dine in, and delivery 4. Do you already use dairy cream frequently? No harmful ingredients are added in it.

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But as far as competition is concerned companies with good quality dairy products will have the completion with Lezzetli. Pricing strategy 11 Marketing Final Project Pricing strategies usually change as product passes through its life cycle. People majorly use dairy products like milk and plain cream Balai both in hotels and house. Target more of the consumers. During the decline stage, you may want to explain what you did to prevent getting there or if you did reach the decline phase, what is your company going to do to reach the growth phase? Condensed 3. Marketing Objectives Maintain positive, strong growth. In Pakistan government is facing problems in terrorism that badly effect on environment of the country which is a depressing node for the industry. Even the artificial flavors are been testified by the Pakistan Halal Authority. Political or legal forces: If government imposes heavy taxes on the industry then it badly effects the industry growth. We evaluate the data which is relevant, accurate, current and impartial for our project.

There is no religious or nationality objection for our product. The marketing research program has four steps: 1.

Mission Nourish lives by manufacturing healthier, easier and richer dairy products. After achieving the task of gaining marketing share we will reduce our prices. The environment concern of the flavored cream is that, it is healthy for health and good for every age group. Sooner the Buzzing Bee will be considered as the pioneering organization, because of its new invention and risk taking habits. Yes b. What specific types of discounts, why and when? Implementing the research plan. People of this age want to discover new places and new types of food. We did exploratory research regarding the new product. Explain how you calculated this figure and how you would justify to a customer the price you are charging.
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