Interest in medicine essay

While the experience was invaluable not only in terms of my future medical career but also in terms of developing leadership and creative thinking skills, it put my undergraduate studies on hold for over two years.

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A physician must be well rounded in a variety of fields to provide effective care. But it was the right one for me.

Why are you interested in pursuing a career in medicine essay

Admissions officers will read dozens of personal statements in a day. Avoid overly controversial topics. Throughout high school and college, I satisfied my interest in clinical work by volunteering in a hospital. My uncle used to run a blood bank affiliated with a welfare trust. If you had told me ten years ago that I would be writing this essay and planning for yet another ten years into the future, part of me would have been surprised. As the years progressed, my passion and interest in medicine waned. Graduated with distinction. While the problems inherent in our health care system are not one-dimensional and require a dynamic approach, one of the solutions as I see it is to think less in terms of state-of-the-art facilities and more in terms of access to primary care. With this strong foundation, as my basis and support, entrance into a rural medical school was out of fascination for the intricate human architecture and its functioning Thanks to the unceasing encouragement of my academic advisor, who even stayed in contact with me when I was overseas, I gathered my strength and courage and began studying for the MCAT. Describing the direct impact a doctor had on your life or the life of someone close to you can be a very effective way to demonstrate what draws you to medicine.

Community service is very important in our process because this is a profession devoted to serving others. Eventually, I returned to school.

Interest in medicine essay

Active details are of course helpful to have in every point you make, but they come more naturally when describing a volunteer or work experience. However, during the summer after my high school graduation and when I first entered college, I have been intrigued by family medicine. I remember feeling anxiety about my condition, but not sadness or even fear. I knew from previous work and by my general personality that I was someone suited to an ever evolving job that requiring lifelong learning. Describe the qualities, skills, talents, and experiences of a good health care practitioner. It opened my eyes and refocused. Although much headway has been made in this area in the past twenty or so years, I feel there is a still a tendency in medicine to treat diseases the same way no matter who the patient is.

Admissions officers will read dozens of personal statements in a day. Though inspiring, that speech alone was not sufficient to grow my interest in public health.

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I'm now in my fourth year and I find it hugely rewarding to put together all the pieces of the puzzle- the history elicited with good communication skills, the knowledge of human biology and the findings from examination and investigations to suggest a diagnosis and be told it was the right one! Though inspiring, that speech alone was not sufficient to grow my interest in public health Despite my rigorous academic schedule, I always looked forward to the few hours I spent each week in the adult or pediatric emergency department, helping the staff in any way I could. Read their stories below. I couldn 't have imagined what I saw; the extreme poverty and disparity was beyond words. I found the nursing home experience both motivating and frustrating, in that I wanted to help the residents, but felt thwarted by my woeful lack of expertise. He does a good job of emphasizing the qualities that appeal to him — problem solving, competition, the broad scope of issues — but still is essentially telling and not showing us anything. The application process was not easy and I had to get an A grade in AS level Chemistry at night school whilst working full time as a nurse. If It Runs in the Family… Some applicants will cite their parents as reasons for their choice. Perhaps someone close to the applicant was very ill once or died, and the experience with that person or with his or her doctors became very significant. Look at the essay as an opportunity to tell your story rather than a burden. I liked setting my own schedule, learning at my own pace, and designing my own experiments. In order to stay connected to our hometown it was our family practice to routinely visit our village in every summer vacations.

It was my dream as a child to become a doctor.

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An Internship and My Interest in Medicine Essay