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This is to be expected. High-impact visuals are important. Plan Accordingly.

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The only thing bullets do is distract from the most important part of your presentation: you. Use a site like Canva to put together graphics that not only support your point but cause your audience to feel something. And uncertainty comes from poor preparation. Published on: Aug 22, The opinions expressed here by Inc. Presenting at Ignite Portland was one of the highlights of my year. But don't just blindly dive for PowerPoint when it comes to visuals for your presentation. After all, you want to entertain, inform, and convert--is your PowerPoint a help or a hindrance?

Getty Images It's that time of year: Everyone is getting ready for school to start. By now, you've probably heard "rehearse, rehearse, rehearse" ad nauseam, but there's a reason for that. Start the moment you have the microphone. Make an impact with your PowerPoint, one slide at a time.

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And uncertainty comes from poor preparation. The days of bland, boring graphics and pictures are over. People trust a person, not a faceless business.

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You have to be comfortable changing the script to make up time or fill time. Practice Recovering — You will screw up when you rehearse. Preparing for an Ignite presentation requires a different methodology. Talking to a classroom isn't so different from running a team meeting: You're still probably going to use a PowerPoint presentation to convey your message.

Continue with that rehearsal to the end of the presentation.

ignite business presentation video
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Ignite. Enlighten us, but make it quick