How to write a vampire horror novel

These sacrificial lambs were one of the reasons the early season of Buffy's vampires actually had some edge as the first episode opens with a "fake" member of the Scooby Gang, Jesse, getting murdered by the undead.

How to become a vampire fiction

The stalking? As mentioned in 1 , it's important to give your vampires weaknesses to go along with their power so they're not just Superman with fangs. Find Out More This viewpoint character automatically brings a human aspect into the vampire world. DNIR: A similar question: what place do you think symbolism has in modern fiction? Vampires are something which need to be treated completely serious if you're going to sell them to your audience and this includes if you're trying to joke about them. Which brings us to: The Ubiquitous Mary Sue : Please don't make your vampires completely and utterly perfect. Certainly not in the blood-sucking, live-forever magical mystical shapeshifting Bram Stoker Hammer movie Anne Rice et al. Move that slider up a little. Even though the creature of the night started out in the world of horror, he took on a different light around two decades ago. Also, if your vampires do interact extensively with humans, do not make them prefer one human over all the others for some ambiguous reason i. One of my books Coyote Blue originally began with an essay about how irony is the most powerful force in the universe. They can tear through humans and possibly other supernaturals with ease. If you are planning to write a vampire story, you may find yourself dead before you even start. Vampires are so prolific that another story is like trying to bury four people in a single coffin.

Nosferatu-type vampires are just one type. This goes for the way your characters act, as well: if your vampires consider themselves perfect, that's fine. While it is perfectly fine, even traditional, to have the vampire as a bad guy, a group of vampires who act too much alike tends to be silly.

Vampire tropes to avoid

The top of the triangle is the climax of the story, and the final line down is the return to a new status quo. Are there any tips you could give us on researching? I read one review of The Hunt that called it derivative but great fun and I couldn't help but laugh. It's quite another to have vampires, sympathetic or otherwise, tear into those who the audience likes. Make sure to add variety with your characters' personalities and study other characters to see what works and what doesn't. Or, of course, you can think up new ideas! Make it clear and concise what your vampires can do is a good idea, but you can also go the opposite direction. And yes, that is a creepy question, but in a nice way.

Instead, why not try some flaming arrows - almost all vampires hate fire. More important in some stories than in others. Once you decide on what kind of vampire you want, you need to follow that through with the rest of your story.

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They can be more creepy, otherworldy, and harder to comprehend. Is it made by a Deal with the Devil?

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