How to write a semi block style letter definition

The signature block consists of space for your signature, usually three or four blank lines. The modified semi-block business letter is the least formal-looking of all business letters and is best for using when you know the recipient very well.

Dixie does not like repeating the same information on different pages too much, so she would like to remind you on this page that she has two other examples which in her opinion contain all the information on formatting business letters you need.

It is suitable for all business communications. She did it to show you proper format for the business letters written by individuals.

There are two basic differences between the two layouts: There is no punctuation after the greeting or salutation There is no punctuation after the closing The open format business letter has a clean, formal look just as the block format letter does.

semi modified block letter format

You will find links to them below. All other elements including inside address, greeting, body, and enclosures notation are left justified, and paragraphs are followed by either double or triple spacing.

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Letter Formats: Block, Modified Block