Glossary of paper conservation terms

Currently, this term is used in an ambiguous manner, and may even refer to a type of paper. You can find definitions for damages, materials, processes, methods there.

Moderate: Damage is noticeable and may be of middle or increasing severity of size; not serious but should be monitored or corrected by a conservator.

Glossary of paper conservation terms

A foreign body enclosed within the mass of the paper fibres. It deals with the different termini of sticky tapes and adhesives and is therefor fairly interesting for anybody who finds sticky tape on artifacts. The adhesive layer is generally activated by pressure, or by the application of heat or water. Fungi cause staining and weakening of most library materials. Mat Stain or Matburn: Darkened area caused by acidic conditions related to the use of improper matting materials. It looks fairly complete and offers brief explanations for every term. These actions are only carried out when the items are in such a fragile condition or deteriorating at such a rate, that they could be lost in a relatively short time. However, it is not considered archival. The work is insecure, no longer stable and at great risk. Reburial of mosaics can be both preventive and remedial conservation. Sincecellulose is damaged by acids, acid free materials are desirable in library preservation. Entries are descriptive, with examples provided when appropriate. URLs, current as of date of publication, are updated annually. For this reason, we always use the term parchment.

Sometimes described as chemically inert. Pressure sensitive tape: Tape that is sticky at room temperature and may be attached to a surface using slight application of pressure.

Sheet: A broad, thin, usually rectangular piece of paper serving as a support for media; drawings, watercolors, etc. It is important to understand that damage to a work of art is rarely static and the work will continue to deteriorate.

types of art conservation

Planar Deformation: Structural deformation of the support whereby it is no longer flat or in place. Environmental control The maintenance of safe levels of light exposure, humidity, temperature, air pollution, air movement, dirt inside a building. Animal glues become yellow and brittle with age.

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Paper Conservation Terminology