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This event is where one might say that Nora and Anne Marie are similar, as well as contrasting. This is only the task of her husband. The play portrays a female viewpoint in a male-dominated society. Torvald cares not only about money, but about his social status as well. Once she begins thinking she can escape to create a better life for herself, there is no changing her mind.

Linde alludes to the dollhouse theme by demeaning Nora's simple way of life. This gut feeling is by no standards definite, and could be in fact mistaken. I am not even very sure what Women's Rights are.

Their works express the elements that make literature interesting. When that was no longer necessary, her life lost its meaning. However, Nora's decision to leave Torvald and the children is not a blind acceptance of what society attempts to force upon her.

He deprives Nora of the ability to decide as the wife. She cannot decide on whom to welcome in her family, neither can she decide on what to do in it. For Torvald.

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Feminism in a Doll House Essay Example