Fins2624 course outline

Infs course outline

As well, we want all our graduates to BE effective problem-solvers, communicators and team participants. Students are expected to be prepared for the tutorials, participate actively in tutorial discussion, and show respect to their classmates and the tutor by arriving on time, paying attention, and staying for the entire duration of the tutorial. Knowledge: Our graduates will have current disciplinary or interdisciplinary knowledge applicable in local and global contexts. However, granting of a supplementary exam in such cases is not automatic. The following procedures will apply: 1. In periods where you need to complete assignments or prepare for examinations, the workload may be greater. The online quizzes will open to student access progressively via Blackboard every Friday commencing week 2 to test your knowledge of the lecture given the previous week. You should be able to identify and research issues in business situations, analyse the issues, and propose appropriate and well-justified solutions. The difference between these books is that the former is the full, standard textbook and the latter contains only the chapters from that book that are used in this course. Conduct which unduly disrupts or interferes with a class, such as ringing or talking on mobile phones, is not acceptable and students may be asked to leave the class. The highest mark achieved from each online quiz is selected for grading purposes.

Further to the Business School protocol for viewing final exam scripts: A student must lodge a request to view his or her final exam script within 5 working days immediately following the official release of overall course results. Bodie, Z. The tutor should evaluate each application and decide on a case-by-case basis whether to allow the student to sit in another tutorial class.

Fins1612 course outline

FINS Portfolio Management To engage you in learning bond pricing, the adaptive tutorial will ask you to price a bond on three different dates when the corresponding settlement dates fall: On a coupon payment date Inside the ex-interest period, and Outside the ex-interest period, respectively. Applications for special consideration in relation to the in-class exams will be considered by the lecturer-in-charge. For teamwork, the team members must be enrolled in the same tutorial class. University regulations indicate that if students attend less than eighty per cent of scheduled classes they may be refused final assessment. If you make a mistake at any stage, don't worry. There is one online quiz for each lecture. If you cannot solve these questions without the use of the lecture notes or the textbook, most likely you will not pass the exam. By submission is meant 1. The following procedures will apply: 1. You should seek assistance early if you suffer illness or misadventure which affects your course progress.

The questions in the quiz are representative of the take-home and final exam questions. In the interest of fairness, there will be no extensions allowed, with the exception of the provision of a doctor's note explaining the student's inability to complete the quiz in all two weeks.

Fins2624 course outline

Business School Protocol on requests for Special Consideration for Final Exams: The Business School Faculty panel will need to be satisfied on each of the following before supporting a request for special consideration: 1. All material used for such processes will be treated as confidential. Hence if you are too ill to perform up to your normal standard in the regular in-lecture exams, you are strongly advised not to attend. There are twelve tutorials all together. Where a student is granted a supplementary examination as a result of a request for special consideration, the students original exam if completed will be ignored and only the mark achieved in the supplementary examination will count towards the final grade. Protocol for Viewing Other Exam Scripts is the similar to that of viewing final exam scripts except the working days are defined with reference to the release date of specific assessment result. Assessment tasks completed within the teaching period of a course, other than a final assessment, will be assessed and students provided with feedback, with or without a provisional result, within 10 working days of submission, under normal circumstances. You will receive one mark for completing the entire adaptive tutorial, i.

The School may ask to see the original or certified copy. We will not specify the questions in advance. Please follow the link provided on the first page of this course outline about the application procedure and policies.

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Applications for special consideration in relation to the in-class exams will be considered by the lecturer-in-charge.

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