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Having a resume that sells you for the job is much more important. LinkedIn has unique search algorithms. A Bridgemore Resume Design Almost as soon as I purchased the package deal, she emailed me and gave me a day time frame for completing and submitting my new resume, etc.

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When you work with the resume writer be open to their ideas. Still, I have seen some people adamant about fitting everything into one page. Remember you chose them for a reason. However, if you use numbers two digits for the month, and two digits for the year you never have to worry about the alignment being off with your dates.

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People are talking. Its important to walk a fine line between including keywords but not trying to copy and paste the entire job description. The whole process with this company was seamless. One word would best sum up my thoughts — WOW!!!!!! Mir is more than a resume writer, she creates masterpieces! Having a resume that sells you for the job is much more important. A good key point to remember when preparing your resume for an online application is less is best. Procrastination is common.

She may be the perfect professional for someone with different expectations, but was a deep disappointment for me. The whole process with this company was seamless. Indecision, fatigue, and self doubt can sideline you.

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I am very happy I did and everyone who looks at my resume thinks it looks terrific! Thank you Sue! You did a wonderful job and I am so happy I hired you to do this. If he could scam a kindergartner he would. Unlike 'resume mills' and sites that require you to fill in a lengthy questionnaire that auto-fills a resume template, you work directly with Tara Lynne and she is the only individual drafting a non-template fresh version of your resume. A Bridgemore Resume Design We received all items in the time frame estimated. The day after we finalized my resume, I applied for a position and within three weeks, I got a job offer and accepted it. I don't give this experience an F is because Ms. Now applicant tracking systems can identify if a resume is key worded stuffed and it will red flag and dismiss this resume. However, because my Paraelgal education is my most recent and that is the field I'm moving into, she created a fantastic "academic highlights" section that appears near the top of the resume.

He digs deep to get to the essence of who someone is and what they are best at doing.

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