Essay about hiv awareness

Then, the HIV cells attach their selves to new T cells, and infect those as well.

Hiv meaning

The immune system begins an attack and plasma cells make antibodies to fight the virus. Despite that many people still become infected with the virus each year. So when the option to research something to do with sexuality arouse I felt this would definitely further my education about a lethal killer that is roaming this earth. The disease has been plaguing South Africa as well as other countries throughout the continent. Identify the various HIV types and subtypes. All young people need to take the threat of HIV seriously, except for the ones who are abstinent. It attacks the T-cells, key cells of the immune system, and uses them to make copies of itself. Most people do not really know what HIV stands for. PML can be life-threatening, causing paralysis and cognitive difficulties. As previously stated, 32 state Medicaid programs reimburse for routine HIV screening of adults aged years, regardless of risk. The movie that we saw, Philadelphia, deals with this.

Take care to wear protective gloves while changing cat litter and thoroughly wash the hands afterward. It is contracted through bodily fluids such as blood and semen, and sometimes even saliva and tears.

Human immunodeficiency virus facts

From, the infected, families related to the infected, governments investing time and efforts to prevent future AIDS outcomes. Although, Uganda has made commendable progress in improving the fight towards AIDS they still lack and are in much more of improvement In alone, 5. Antibiotic , antifungal, or antiparasitic drugs can help treat an OI. Today, more than 1. Taking effective antiretroviral medications for life can halt on-going damage to the immune system. Some people also develop opportunistic infections at this stage. Receive vaccinations for potential OIs. Their main focus was in the southern and eastern parts of Africa, where 1 in 4 adults are HIV positive. Invasive cervical cancer: This type of cancer begins in the cervix and spreads to other areas in the body. African countries having abysmal gap between them and the European countries. Due to the fact, Saddleback is generally a conservative upper class congregation, and Obama being a liberal senator representing mostly inner city Chicago. In , NYC.

Case Study paper. There was no real idea what caused it, and consequently, no real idea how to protect against it.

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It is currently in San Francisco, one of many areas in the world suffering from a virus believed to have come from Western Africa. OR The presence of certain opportunistic infections. Educating people above and beyond rather than just handing out information is vital. What about the stigmatization that one goes through They also feature highly specified campaigns that target high risk groups. During this time, the virus continues to develop and cause immune system and organ damage. Analoui suggests that for a manager to be successful, he should place a great deal of importance on the assessment and development of his own potential. If KS reaches organs, such as the intestines or lymph nodes, it can be extremely dangerous. These include: Candidiasis of the bronchi, trachea, esophagus, and lungs: As a fungal infection that normally occurs in the skin and nails, this frequently causes serious problems in the esophagus and lower respiratory tract for people with AIDS. Many individuals develop an influenza like illness or a mononucleosis-like illness weeks post exposure while others have no significant symptoms. Perhaps, though, this lack of legislation should not be surprising considering the fact that almost no other specific illnesses are the target of direct legislation.

Two medical conditions that have the stigma of creating fear in members of society. The immune system shutting down is the worst part about HIV not having any signs or symptoms to notify you of the virus is the worst part.

Research has extended our understanding of how the virus reproduces, controls, and hides in a contaminated person. The virus has plagued the African American communities and continues to disproportionately impact the black race more than any other racial or ethnical group.

Essay about hiv awareness

Antibiotic , antifungal, or antiparasitic drugs can help treat an OI. In , NYC. HIV is not spread through the air or in water or by mosquitoes, ticks, or other blood-sucking insects. The initialism HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. Limit exposure and take precautions, such as wearing protective gloves while changing litter Avoid foods that are at risk of contamination, such as undercooked eggs, unpasteurized dairy and fruit juice, or raw seed sprouts. It is causing the spread of many dangerous health problems. The country has made considerable development in regard to its commitments to reduce the incidence of HIV in the general population, decrease morbidity and mortality among PLHIV , and the provision of equal health care services to both people infected and affected by HIV and those who are not. There are treatment options out there but being compliant with the medication regimen is crucial to the maintenance and management of this disease.

The treatment for Hiv can help people live with the virus while taking care of your physical, mental health, and overall well being. However, CMV retinitis is of particular concern in people with late-stage HIV, and it can infect the retina at the back of the eye, permanently removing sight.

To reduce your risk of HIV infection, use condoms correctly every time you have sex, limit your number of sexual partners, and never share injection drug equipment. There are a vast amount of ways to combat diseases, but the most vital way is spreading knowledge amongst the population.

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDs caused by HIV, is a disease that is caused by sexual intercourse with those of who are infected with it, AIDs can also be caused by prenatal transmission, and if the mother were to have AIDs then the child would also be infected

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