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Her true, traditional self is displayed by the way she needed social approval to be able to take the step of divorcing her first husband, Arment. Wharton proposed the book to her publisher, Scribner's.

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In this story Christine Ansley must decide between two unsatisfactory men: her lover and her husband. These pieces have not been always made newly: Sometimes they are objects d'art, which have been expensively imported from Europe. Narrative Discourse: An Essay in Method. Out of these themes she got a sharp pathos all her own. Therefore by giving her epiphanies an explicitly social frame, Wharton is commenting on society, but not necessarily postulating what is needed for a good society. She lived in France after , visiting the United States only at rare intervals. During those same years, Wharton herself was said to suffer from bouts of depression and health issues with asthma. Wharton can be used to show perfect mastery of conventional form. The mythical, fragmentary, ellipsis-ridden account of her dream is in direct contrast to the heightened realism with which the people around her are described. Funston, writing on Edith Wharton in American National Biography, What is most notable about A Backward Glance, however, is what it does not tell: her criticism of Lucretia Jones [her mother], her difficulties with Teddy, and her affair with Morton Fullerton, which did not come to light until her papers, deposited in Yale's Beinecke Rare Book Room and Manuscript Library , were opened in By she had decided to write about her travels. She and Berry made five journeys between February and August , which Wharton described in a series of articles that were first published in Scribner's Magazine and later as Fighting France: From Dunkerque to Belfort , which became an American bestseller. Her thirst for travel and to explore eventually meant some sixty trips across the Atlantic to travel across Europe and even Morocco. Edith Wharton wrote several of her novels there, including The House of Mirth , the first of many chronicles of life in old New York. Selected Prose.

Once back in the family home again, Christine is still unsure whether she has made the right decision. Her first literary efforts were quelled.

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Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Ltd, Edith Wharton had come to have a great hand with all kinds of American furnishings and with their concomitant landscape-gardening. She also went to Morocco in North Africa. Houses — their confinement and their theatrical possibilities…they are never mere settings. Hanson, Clare. In other words, her work attracts attention now for the very reasons it was generally dismissed in the middle of the twentieth century: its focus on women and women's experiences and its emphasis on social context, customs, pressures, and manners as human variables rooted in time, class, gender, nationality, and culture. The Genealogy of Modernism. Wharton can be used to show perfect mastery of conventional form. Washburn, a cousin of Ralph Waldo Emerson who supported women's education. Aged 11, she showed her mother a story which began, ' "Oh, how do you, Mrs Brown? Though many fled Paris, she moved back to her Paris apartment on the Rue de Varenne and for four years was a tireless and ardent supporter of the French war effort. At the age of nine, she suffered from typhoid fever , which nearly killed her, while the family was at a spa in the Black Forest. The Modernist Short Story.

At age 29 Edith finally had her first short story published. Not that she had ever thought of him as a great painter—not really. This story, along with many others, speaks about her marriage. Moffatt's secretary kept them locked because the books were too valuable to be taken down.

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Many of the vignettes of Wharton as a domineering 'American duchess' were supplied by her intimate friends. She was taught by a succession of tutors and governesses. James's interests were predominantly esthetic: He is never a passionate social prophet; and only rarely—as in The Ivory Towerwhich seems in turn to have derived from Mrs.

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When the war ended, she watched the Victory Parade from the Champs Elysees' balcony of a friend's apartment. Edith too had been unfaithful.

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Her biography is not strictly chronological, but pulls out various threads friendship with James; tours in Italy; social life in Paris; houses and gardens — Wharton was a passionate and knowledgeable gardener; war-work; marriage in different chapters. He might not be able to make her hear—he might be calling her now. Joyce W. Tuttleton, James W. After four years of intense effort, she decided to leave Paris in favor of the peace and quiet of the countryside. Halliwell and Kim certainly see social significance in modernist epiphany. New York: Harper and Row, In these books, she was as pessimistic as Hardy or Maupassant. The play was rehearsed, but was never produced.
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