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We work to create what we want by rolling up our sleeves to make our own paper. Many of our customers are challenged with our navigation menus. This will save paper, reduce waste and cut down on costs! We moved our business last July and five years prior to that move. Etiquette directs you to make the invitation very simple which we encourage. We love to answer your questions so please pick up the phone and call us or use the customer service page to submit your question or request. There are many challenges we face and overcome from every angle you can imagine but one of the toughest is from difficult people. Yelp had changed their policies and we had to rebuild, with new images and data our Yelp page for our new location. In December of last year we received our first review on Yelp in our new location. Contemporary invitations allow for many options. However, since we offer so many do it yourself options, we do have an overwhelming amount of ordering information to communicate. We have always been earth friendly see our name and none of our handmade papers contain tree fibers. Each component of every invitation can be ordered individually or as a group. Thanks for the gift of your time in leaving a public review for us.

He had to fire an employee this week that may end up dragging out into much drama over the next several months or even years if it goes all courtroom. We have always been earth friendly see our name and none of our handmade papers contain tree fibers. Well, we are just like many of you, we like things to look a particular way, often our tastes reach beyond our budget.

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None of our reviews moved with us. Both can be imagined in so many different ways. You will need a response card if you are having a catered event.

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Hand dyed earth silk flower pin — Seattle Bridal magazine feature Earth Silk flower pin by Sashaco Earlier this year we mentioned our involvement with Sachaco, a Kirkland, Washington small business that uses our hand dyed Earth Silk line of ribbon to create stunning silk flowers used as pins and hair decorations.

I am excited to read your review and again thank you for taking your time to let folks on the interwebs know that you were happy with your experience with us.

As we started in business by making our own handmade paper wedding invitations, that continues to be our main focus.

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