Coming to america from vietnam

They took every body's gold jewelry and everything precious to us. After a few weeks, we knew we would be going to America.

Vietnamese refugee camps

I came here with my husband, two daughters and three brothers. She added that the court's decision will have an impact on class members, but that their cases still need to be examined more closely. Kelly, Gail P. The Singapore refugee camp was different because one could only get there if a boat rescued you at sea. As painful as it was for me to endure the challenges of a wartime survivor, it seems to me that the world is in worse turmoil today. I got married when I was 17 years old. One month later I gave birth to my third children. As a result of continuing political and ethnic conflicts within Southeast Asia, the number of refugees from Vietnam and its neighboring countries rose dramatically beginning in In , he was convicted of driving under the influence. In , the U.

Chung separated the groups into first- and second-wave refugees; first-wave Southeast Asian refugees SEAR were defined as arriving in the U. The Evergreen and Berryessa sections of the city are middle- to upper-middle-class neighborhoods with large Vietnamese-American populations, many of whom work in Silicon Valley 's computer, networking and aerospace industries.

We left New Orleans after one month and came to California. I was so nervous about what awaited us. Government Printing Office, and ; Linda W. Inhe was convicted of indecent assault and battery of children under 14, a sex crime.

vietnamese immigration timeline

After that, we had to take another flight to Richmond, Virginia. They gave us a lot of food. Inhe was convicted of driving under the influence. I was born in Vietnam…My father passed away when I was ten years old.

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