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I can promise you that. This is it. Leyla died in the autum of It was really scary. Oh my God, it's like a big weight lifted off your shoulders when you realize that you're not the one going home. Being in the house without outside communication, and only being able to talk to each other, that was the spark to the whole thing. He is just an incredible person. Like, what is so special about me that they want on the show? He had a daughter who was a problematic addescent.

And unfortunately — well, fortunately, I guess I got in the bottom the first week, but that kind of lit a fire in me, and I was like, yeah. But it turned into something totally real.

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So let me inspire people. After he got married he was very calm and he was a good father. How did you feel watching those scenes back, the faux movie trailer you guys did for Actability?

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I never really thought about it.

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