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They identify in inverted commas any words or phrases which the court has defined, and list any statutory provisions or other national or international legislation, conventions etc which the court has considered and ruled upon. Once the reporter has prepared a note of argument, a copy is sent to the counsel concerned for them to check and approve its accuracy.

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However, Stabroek News SN failed sorely in this regard by hastily and without verification publishing that the solicitor-general had resigned, which was contrary to the truth.

Judgment s The largest and most important element of a full text law report is the judgment or judgments given in the case.

Reporter To ensure their accuracy and reliability, law reports must be written and edited by qualified lawyers, ie barristers or solicitors.

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It is a feature which adds enormously to the value of the report to future readers. A decision is only reportable if lays down a new principle of law, or changes or clarifies the existing law. The SN did not deem it fit to fact check and solicit a comment from the solicitor-general, the permanent secretary or the AG. These three levels of particularity are reflected in the hierarchical headings in the Subject Matter index section of the ICLR Consolidated Index, where cases are listed according to their subject matter, and where it is therefore possible to find similar cases listed in the same place an invaluable research tool. First, they identify the position of the case in a taxonomy of legal subject matters. Despite their breach of the Declaration of Principles and Conduct of Journalists stated in the GPA constitution, the GPA did not in keeping with their objective of promoting high professional standards call out the Stabroek News for its report. In some series, the name of the court can only be identified by reference to the volume or publication in which the case appears. Note: A judgment transcript is not a law report! Most fundamentally, it needs to contain a statement of the principle of law decided in the case. For obvious reasons, full text reports enjoy higher status than summary reports and should be cited in preference for them. Judge s The identity of the judge, as well as that of the court where the hearing took place, is an essential element of any law report. He has the right to defend his personal reputation, as well as the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs. At its best, a headnote is a precious distillation — the single malt of legal learning. Many laws have been passed in this regard and seminars were held countrywide.

For obvious reasons, full text reports enjoy higher status than summary reports and should be cited in preference for them. The GPA constitution does not offer any clarity on the matter.

Secondly, they encapsulate in abbreviated form the issues in the case and any words, phrases or legislative provisions construed by the court.

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As a result of these processes, the version of the judgment included in a full text law report published by ICLR is more authoritative and reliable than the transcript.

Cases may have been followed or applied, or merely considered, or they may have been disapproved or overruled.

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What is a Law Report?