Analysis of loneliness in steinbecks of mice and men essay

There are several clearly identified themes running through the novel. She was so eager for attention that she would go as far as acting inappropriately flirtatious, malevolently cruel, or even overtly insecure. In his novel, Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck deals with loneliness by looking for comfort in a friend, but settling for the attentive ear of a stranger A profound part of what contributes to the feeling of loneliness is a lack of emotional empathy from others.

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Due to the lack of companionship and depression of the era, it appears that the characters are bound to loneliness. Each and every character in this novel exhibits loneliness. Loneliness haunts Crooks deep inside.

signs of loneliness in of mice and men

The quote says "Guys like us" George is talking about the ranch workers by saying "us" we know they are all lonely because they all show signs of loneliness, they try to fight this by making friends I think that in the book Steinbeck tries to show us that loneliness can be resolved by friendship.

Many farmers lost their properties and were forced to find other work.

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Of Mice and Men Essay on Loneliness