An argument in favor of mandatory school uniforms

Why school uniforms are bad

Des Moines Independent Community School District , , which concerned the wearing of black armbands to protest the Vietnam War, confirmed that students' constitutional right to free speech "does not relate to regulation of the length of skirts or the type of clothing. Imagine a U. This can lead to ghettoized schools and neighbourhoods and cause an awful divide, exactly what the uniform was trying to prevent. In , cases involving an anti-Bush T-shirt in Vermont, an anti-gay T-shirt in San Diego, and Tigger socks in Napa, California, made their way through the courts, causing many to wonder whether this debate will ever be resolved. Walmart has set up 'uniform shops' or temporary boutiques within some stores. This helps the teachers not only count students quickly it also helps students stay together as a group and identify as one. Essays may be lightly modified for readability or to protect the anonymity of contributors, but we do not edit essay examples prior to publication.

In the situation that a family has several children attending the same uniformed school it creates a very large cost for the family at the beginning of every school year. Since then some US schools and districts have introduced uniform, but the large majority of schools still do not have it.

Adults make their own clothing choices and have the freedom to express themselves through their appearance. Reading example essays works the same way!

An argument in favor of mandatory school uniforms

Other schools may require a variety of uniforms, some for daily wear, more formal uniforms for special occasions, and yet another outfit for gym class. If so, check out our guide to the pros and cons of school uniforms. Armed Forces recruiter out of uniform trying to recruit new soldiers; the success rate goes down. Outside Britain, most schools with uniforms are private schools trying to set themselves apart from the state education system. Spending time and effort implementing uniform policies may detract from more effective efforts to reduce crime in schools and boost student performance. Uniform makes students very identifiable and emphasises the divisions between schools, making it very easy for bullying and fights to develop between students from rival institutions as they travel to and from school. Who said that girls school uniforms HAD to be skirts? We should be teaching children that it is not okay to judge, make assumptions, or treat others differently based on their clothing.

And straight-up comparisons are not as obvious as they are when everyone has on exactly the same clothing. The argument that uniforms contribute to students performing better academically and behaving properly simply are not true. David L.

advantages of wearing school uniforms

School uniforms also keep out any gang related identification or markings, bandanas are not allowed and neither are any coloured t-shirts allowed to be worn underneath the uniform shirt. Uniform is a social leveller - it makes all the children at a school equal no matter what their family background or income.

why school uniforms should be banned

Generally, dress codes are much less restrictive than uniform policies. This is because there is better discipline and so the school setting makes learning easier.

There are no designer uniforms and there are no uniform rags. And nope, we don't source our examples from our editing service! Many girls, for example, do not like to wear skirts or dresses, which most girls' uniforms require.

Uniform is appropiate,considering the fact that those school children,come from different backgrounds,Not all of them can afford wearing their own clothes,because one wants to change everyday and doesn't want to be seen in the same clothes,everyday.

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Arguments Against Wearing a School Uniform