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So, what is plagiarism? It is only possible to bluff for so long. Final Comments Plagiarism is taken very seriously by every university for a number of reasons. It can be very important that the author is trustworthy.

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If your source is an article in a newspaper, online magazine, blog, etc. Select and make use of reliable data. A given article may be completely and verifiably true, but there is no academic authority to validate its truth.

Websites to evaluate for credibility

Being a graduate, in any subject, marks you out as: An expert - someone with specialist knowledge and insight. However, make sure that you don't end up using the work of other students and presenting it as your own. For this reason it is vital that you don't try and sidestep or avoid any of your graduate training. Think again. Is there a link to the author's biographical information? Some Forms of Plagiarism: Word for word - copying someone's work exactly without referencing it or using quotation marks. If you cannot find this information, the author may be lying or misrepresenting their affiliation with the institution, which would make the author seem less credible. Common pitfalls The information is in a book published by a major publisher. Has he or she published anything else about the subject? Consider the organizational affiliation of the author—respected organizations publish the work of respected authors! Structure a thoughtful argument.

The answer is no. You need to think carefully about the skills as well as the knowledge you are acquiring through all of the course activities you are set. Guide: Being a graduate identifies you as someone with a particular kind of training and a very particular set of skills - skills you will have acquired over your long academic journey.

In this case, "author" referes to an individual, a company, or an institution. Wikipedia, for example, is not a credible source.

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How to Establish Credibility in Your Writing