A character development of death of a salesman by willy loman

death of a salesman characters

Willy is desperate for his brother Ben to extend his visit. In every scene, we can see that Charley hopes to gently steer Willy onto a less self-destructive path. Aristotle set the criteria for qualities a character must possess in order to be considered a tragic hero.

As a father, Willy Loman offers his sons terrible advice. Did the lack of a father negatively affect Willy's character? Willy also condones Biff's thievery.

His nomadic father and family roamed across the country in a wagon. He also had good prospects for a college scholarship, but because he failed math, he was not able to graduate. It is difficult enough for Willy to deal with Howard, his buyers or lack of buyersand the everyday reminders that he is not a great salesman like Dave Singleman; however, it is even more insufferable for Willy to accept the idea that he is a failure in his son's eyes.

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The Character Development in Willy Loman's "Death of a Salesman"