A biography of william thomson kelvin a physician

He first defined the absolute temperature scale insubsequently named after him, which was the first scale based on a completely general natural law.

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Kelvin was influenced by the mathematical ideas of George Green, a self-taught miller's son from Nottingham. Kelvin boldly stated that Kelland was wrong — and later scientists agreed with him. Kelvin attended university classes from the age of His wife died in He was an inveterate traveler all of his life, spending much time on the Continent and making several trips to the United States. His mother died when he was six, and when aged eight, he moved with the family to Glasgow where his father, James Thomson, had been appointed as professor of mathematics at the University of Glasgow However, though Thomson conducted no new experiments, over the next two years he became increasingly dissatisfied with Carnot's theory and convinced of Joule's. She became seriously ill on their honeymoon and never fully recovered.

In later life he commuted between homes in London and Glasgow. Thomson gave his name to the Kelvin scale which measures temperature to absolute zero. Thomson would later also work with Peter Guthrie Tait on a textbook that sought to unify the physical sciences under the common principle of energy.

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Thomson used data published by Regnault to calibrate his scale against established measurements. He patented the key elements of his system, the mirror galvanometer and the siphon recorderin Thomson subsequently regretted that he had acquiesced too readily to many of Whitehouse's proposals and had not challenged him with sufficient vigor.

Keen to see students involved in practical experiment, he established what became the first university physics laboratory.

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His work on the project began in when Stokes, a lifelong correspondent on scientific matters, asked for a theoretical explanation of the apparent delay in an electric current passing through a long cable.

They married the following year after a proposal - and acceptance - that had been transmitted by undersea cable.

A biography of william thomson kelvin a physician

He changed the view of heat as being a fluid to an understanding of the energy of motion of molecules. Whitehouse still felt able to ignore Thomson's many suggestions and proposals. This location was later home to the first cinema in Belfast — 'the Kelvin'. When the cable failed completely Whitehouse was dismissed, though Thomson objected and was reprimanded by the board for his interference. In school, Thomson showed a keen interest in the classics along with his natural interest in the sciences. Experimental confirmation in his laboratory did much to bolster his beliefs. Thomson was knighted in by Queen Victoria for his work. Thomson was also the first to suggest that there were mathematical analogies between kinds of energy. He attended both Glasgow and Cambridge University before accepting the Chair in Natural Philosophy at Glasgow in , a position which he held for 53 years. Despite their disagreement, Thomson participated, as chief consultant, in the hazardous early cable-laying expeditions. Lord Kelvin He stayed with the transatlantic cable project despite problems, setbacks and the need to restart more than once. Scientist to engineer[ edit ] Thomson became scientific adviser to a team with Whitehouse as chief electrician and Sir Charles Tilston Bright as chief engineer but Whitehouse had his way with the specification , supported by Faraday and Samuel F. William Thomson, Baron Kelvin.

From to Kelvin attended Cambridge University.

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William Thomson, Baron Kelvin